Design & Installation of
fire prevention systems in Cleveland.

The National Fire Protection Association estimated that in 2016, there were 1,342,000 fires reported in the United States. 475,500 of these were structure fires, causing 2,950 civilian deaths, 12,775 civilian injuries, and $7.9 billion in property damage.

Good fire sprinkler system design can help save property and lives. The team at Bay Mechanical & Electrical Corporation, an EDGE Certified Cleveland area fire protection contractor, understands this and is dedicated to providing our clients with state-of-the-art Cleveland fire sprinkler systems and fire protection systems.

As a Cleveland fire protection contractor, Bay Mechanical & Electrical Corporation’s fire protection services includes service for wet fire sprinkler systems, dry fire protection systems, and high density fire protection applications for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Our certified engineers will design a system that meets your needs as well as all standards and requirements. Bay Mechanical & Electrical Corporation’s ability to provide and install fire alarm systems gives our customers a one-stop solution for these critical systems.

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*Source: NFPA

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