Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized & voluntary green building certification system that can be applied to any building type & any building lifecycle phase. An organization’s participation in the voluntary and technically rigorous LEED process demonstrates leadership, innovation and environmental stewardship.  It promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in key areas:

  1. Sustainable Sites
  2. Water Efficiency
  3. Energy & Atmosphere
  4. Materials & Resources
  5. Indoor Environmental Quality
  6. Innovation in Design
  7. Regional Priority

As a demonstration of our commitment to these concepts, Bay Mechanical & Electrical Corporation now has a LEED Accredited Professional on staff. As a result, our Ohio green construction company is more than prepared to adhere to or work within the most stringent green building requirements.


Bay Mechanical and Electrical Corporation provides Ohio green construction services to help buildings achieve LEED certification. The overall goal of any green construction project is to reduce the environmental impact of buildings. Using sustainable materials and building practices, we know how to effectively reduce the carbon footprint of the building projects we work on and use environmentally sound materials on our projects.

With our knowledge of LEED certification best practices, we’re prepared to adhere to and work within the strictest green building requirements. Our team of dedicated contractors takes into account every aspect of your building to ensure that the finished project is up to LEED standards. We also help building owners by identifying and implementing practical green building design and construction. Contact our Ohio green construction company to learn more about how we can construct your building to meet even the most stringent green building requirements.